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I love it, though if I were to be super critical the light is a little too top heavy, it needs a little splash on her shoulder to bring...

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I love it, though if I were to be super critical the light is a little too top heavy, it needs a little splash on her shoulder to bring the focus down to the expression.
Her lips get lost a little too so maybe there should be a little more difference made in the background to define that a bit more.
Her ear is a light hotspot so focus is drawn here too maybe more so than the rest of the shot.
The overall tone is great and props and make up match the style.
I also like the half closed eye too as it adds a little story to the shot.

Just my opinion.

Loving the retro feel to it.
Go Jump In A Lake

Where: Hicklinge, Sweden
What: Lake
When: October 2016, 9.22am
With What: Hasselblad 555ELD & CFV II, Zeiss 80mm C Lens, tripod, 80th Sec, f5.6, iso 100 with Hahnel Giga T Pro with DIY modified cable and remote.

This is a follow up shot to my previous posting “Where have you been”.
To recap, I had to wade out 30 metres from shore to retrieve my dog – Fletcher – who appeared to be hiding behind a rock and was seemingly refusing to come back to shore. It turned out it was a misunderstanding on my part.

So having waded out to tell him off and after a lengthy staring competition which clearly went no where, I sent him packing back to shore with a stern look and a strong finger pointing gesture.
He shot me a look, as he reluctantly he left me there stranded on rock, which clearly said to me “Go Jump In A Lake.”

So my victory was remarkably short lived and now I had to get back to shore again. My trouser legs already ringing wet from the journey to the rock so I decided to take the dogs unspoken advice.

This shot is the result.

I hope you like it.

This is a 9 shot pano. 1 core shot of me jumping is stitched into the 8 shot panorama, the 8 shots is to capture the surrounding scenery to let the shot breathe. So the whole lot was shoved into Photoshop, stitched together, turned into mono with a few Luminosity masks to brighten and darken parts of the image and then a signature shoved on it.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.

Where have you been?
Where: Hicklinge, Sweden
What: Lake
When: October 2016, 9.07am
With What: Hasselblad 555ELD & CFV II, Zeiss 80mm C Lens, tripod, 80th Sec, f5.6, iso 100 with Hahnel Giga T Pro with DIY modified cable and remote.

A quick jaunt outside to walk the dog and test my new cable for the Hasselblad 555ELD went swimmingly. Literally.

I looked out of the window to see the morning started with a lovely mist and calm weather so I thought what better time to go walk the dog near the swimming area at Hicklinge in Sweden. I had just finished the modification of the Hahne Giga T Pro remote cable for the Hasselblad so packed up the camera equipment and off we went.

It only took a few minutes to get to the lake car park but the mist had already started clearing. So with my rushing to get out of the car the dog was more excited than normal. He started running everywhere and sniffing everything at once. I got my equipment out of the car and locked it, turned around to head toward the lake and realised that Fletcher had gone.

Normally he waits for me to faff around and then follows me in the direction I’m walking, but this time he must have sniffed something interesting because he was nowhere to be seen.
I spent a while setting up the camera, cable, remote and my position for the shot. Fletcher still had not returned, I was not worried but I was wondering where he was.

I took a few test shots with the remote and everything was working well but then started to get worried as at least 20 minutes had gone by and I had not seen him. I went off to look for him. After 15 minutes hunting for him it slowly dawned on me that he had not gone anywhere. I was so absorbed in what I was doing and he was moving around to fast that every time I looked in a particular direction I assumed the dog was, he was actually behind me.

I saw a flash of a tail behind a rock in the water and went after him wading though the water to tell him off.. He popped up to look at me as if to say “whats up” and I looked at him with my most withering stare as if to say “where the hell have you been”.
Neither of us winning the silent argument. All the while I’m taking shots of the exchange an this is one of the resulting pictures.

I hope you like it.

Shoved into Photoshop, turned into mono and a signature shoved on it.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.
Epic Fail

Where: Hicklinge, Sweden
What: Lake
When: October 2016, 5.04am
With What: Hasselblad 555ELD & CFV II, Zeiss 50mm C Lenses, tripod, 55secs, f22, iso 400 with Hahnel Giga T Pro with DIY modified cable

Well this is not the shot I was expecting when I went out for a walk with the dog in the pitch black. I did not even know my CFV II digital back could even do exposures longer than 30 seconds. In fact it does 125 seconds of exposure, (with my 555ELD back) though I am certainly sure this is not recommended on a regular basis as the shadow noise levels are worse than my old Canon 5d MKII, which is saying something.

When I bought my CFV II back it came with a free 555ELD motorised body. I had always intended to use it as my go to self portrait camera (as it’s quite a challenge to get into position with only an 8 second self timer on the 500cm) and never really took it out as it broke the first time used it. I had it repaired and there it languished in my cupboard, though I decided to take it with me to Sweden, just in case.

I bought a Hahnel Gig T Pro from eBay and then set about modifying the newly purchased Hasselblad Shutter Cable by chopping off the shutter button and replacing it with a 3 pole 1.5mm male audio jack point.

I can now remote control the Hasselblad 555ELD from over 70-100m away and not have to return to it to recock it. Ah the age of modern technology LOL.

So, back to the image. My wife had read the morning before that the Aurora Borealis was going to be visible that night and that we should stay up that night to catch a glimpse of it. Although I normally go to bed at around 9.30pm but we decided to wait up till 11pm to catch a glimpse of it. Thankfully we live in the middle of nowhere with no major towns or cities for many miles so there was no light pollution anywhere. The stars were more beautiful and mesmerising than I had ever seen them before but no Aurora Borealis!!
I tried to get shots of the night sky instead with my 555ELD but failed miserably as it was the first time I tried to use it and was not sure how it worked as to me it’s all too electronic and I’m used to the simpler 500cm. Though at least the Giga T Pro and my DIY cable handy work seemed to be working perfectly.

When I got back in the house to review the crappy shots I’d attempted, my computer immediately stopped working, so had the digital back and card reader too. I spent a further 30 mins trying to figure out what had gone wrong. As I fussed and fiddled and swore so much my wife decided it was time for her to go to bed. I, now in the midst of total frustration and full alertness in trying to fix this issue decided to stay up a little longer to fix the problem.

3 Hours later it was determined that a dodgy compact flash card was the culprit and the source of my crappy photo taking was that the sensor was not really built for long exposures in conjunction with high ISO (400 is the maximum for the CFV II).

By now it was 3 am so I went to bed. Sadly for only a couple of hours only to be woken by our dog barking. Even though I was super tired I still went out with my camera equipment and the dog at 5am to the local Swimming Lake. Armed with a torch so I could see the settings on the camera I thought I’d do a few longer range remote controlled test shots with the Giga T pro for an idea for a shot I have for some Fuji Velvia 50.

I had intended to walk down the jetty and click the shutter to see it it would work. But I accidentally hit the shutter as I walked down the jetty as the controller was in my pocket and randomly walked up and down the jetty with my Maglite torch with the dog chasing me trying to shake the lake water onto me.

I played around with the shutter timer and went back to review what I’d taken and was presented with a host of images I was not expecting.

The Original shot (before I fiddled with it mostly lightened it up and attempted to remove the red and green pixels) was super still and serene and had this lovely squiggly light trail down the getty and very light stars in the sky. But it also had a fair amount of noise as I had set the camera to 400 iso which is not really a good idea. I then spent an 30 mins or so playing in Photoshop trying to clean the shot up. It was nice, but the stars were still only barely visible. So I took the terrible decision to add this star field image from an Unsplash royalty free contributor at 30% opacity to enhance the sky and water which to my mind is an Epic Fail on my part as I should really have thrown this shot away and waited for the film shot to come back from the lab.

But being impatient I thought I’d throw this shot out there for you all to see what a numpty I am. Plus I hate to waste anything, so I have decided to present it as a work in progress.

I hope you like it.

Fiddled with in Phocus then shoved into Photoshop with more fiddling (a bit of ham sandwiching) then a signature shoved on it in Photoshop.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.

20 Minutes Earlier

Where: Vimmerby, Sweden
What: Lake, Mist & Tree
When: August 2016, 5.22am
With What: Hasselblad 500cm & CFV II, Zeiss 250mm C Lenses, tripod, .2 secs, f22, iso 50

I uploaded a shot a week or so ago called Admiration and Frustration this is a shot based on that day though it is twenty minutes earlier. The difference is only 20 minutes a 250mm lens and the light, which makes this same scene look like a painting.

It is a very wide panorama and in order for me to upload this to Redbubble I made it square for most of the other products and left the print the Original pano.

I hope you like it.

6 Shot stitched together a few luminosity masks added, then a signature shoved on it in Photoshop.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.



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