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Never Done That Before by redtreeme
Never Done That Before

Where: Vimmerby, Sweden
What: Lake, Boat, Mist, Fisherman/Lady
When: August 2016, 6.20am
With What: Hasselblad 500cm & CFV II, Zeiss 250mm C Lenses, tripod, .250th sec, f22, iso 50

I really like the movie Ferris Buellers day off, where Ferris (Mathew Broderick) quotes “Life moves pretty fast – if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it”.

Well this shot is 8 months in the making, in that, we were given the opportunity to move to Sweden for 12 months 8 months ago and with little hesitation we decided to give it a go. There were many times we thought that it might not happen and something would get in the way but thankfully nothing major befell us this time. Not even the long journey we took to get here in our Electric car caused us any issues. The Nissan Leaf is an awesome car!

“My wife is doing a blog of our journey and time here.”

We have been in Sweden approximately 2 weeks and our daughter is already enrolled in a Swedish school and loving it. Everyone here is soon nice and friendly, it must be the space, peace a quiet. We have yet to hear a plane going over head, lawn mowers, neighbours peering over the fence swearing, BBQ’s or even cars. Admittedly we are in the thick of the Swedish Countryside but t’s bliss so far. I even got accosted by a lovely old lady who practically hugged me because I was carrying my Hasselblad in a Chemist – it’s in the blog. (Never Done that Before).
My wife and I will also be enrolling in Swedish Classes so we can keep up with our daughter.

So back to the image. This is the 1st shot I took with my Hasselblad 1 week in, This is the also the lake I jumped in the ay before (Never done that before) and swam around for a while, though while it was chilly it was still warmer than the sea in the UK.

The morning weather was a little chilly and misty from the previous nights rain, I’d gotten up early (mostly because our daughter had a restless nights sleep and the dogs here at the house we are staying in needed a lot of attention as they had spotted a Wolverine in the garden (regular thing apparently) so I missed the Blue and Golden Hour and started to walk our Dog Fletcher about 40 minutes after the Golden hour.

As the sun was so bright and I tried to take this shot directly into it I thought I’d try the6093 lens hood (Never Done that Before) to see if I could hide the massive glare from the forward facing sun. It did an admiral job but there was still some glare that got through.

This is a 5 shot panorama. I took 4 shots and moved the camera to get the pano, then left the camera in place while I faffed with the dog who was getting impatient with me taking pictures. I threw a stick or two and turned back to the camera to move on. At this point I noticed two people in a boat slowly making their way into the frame. So the 5th shot happened a 4 minutes later and was sneakily blended in to the original panorama. They really helped the composition I think.

I hope you like it.

4 Shot stitched together then the boat blended in from the final Stitch for compositional purposes, then a signature shoved on it in Photoshop.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.

Finally by redtreeme

Where: Mentmore, Bedfordshire
What: Mist and trees
When: October 2015
With What: Hasselblad 500cm, Hasselblad 80mm C f2.8, Tripod, Kodak Ektar 100

I’ve finally got round to scanning my massive bundle of film from 2015 and 2016. This is a shot from 2015 around Mentmore Golf Club, which then and even today is still closed.

This is what I wrote for a similar shot last year:-
While walking around an abandoned golf course I happened upon a lost golf ball, or two. So as I walked round I attempted to look for a few more.
By the end of the walk with my dog I had over 30 golf balls lost by golfers in the past. Thankfully I can make use of them in one of my next portrait sessions, whenever that may be.

I hope you like it.

Shoved a signature on it in Photoshop, Enchanced with luminosity Masks and Nik Software sharpness.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.

Are Friends Electric? by redtreeme
Are Friends Electric?
Where: Woburn
What: An Orange Poppy
When: July 2016
With What: Hasselblad 500cm & CFV II, Zeiss 80mm, tripod, 15th sec, f11, iso 50

Going out and taking photographs must put me into my own little world as I seem oblivious to my surroundings, except when hunting for a picture as I'm like a hawk looking for it's next meal. I'd just finished walking the dog and was on my way back home from the Woburn Estate and spotted, for a very fleeting moment, a lovely old fence and and Orange Poppy (which I'd never ever seen before) by the front of a lovely old house. I screeched to a halt and parked up
and spent a while there, taking loads of pictures in various crouched or sitting positions to get a better view of the unusual coloured Poppy. It was about 6am in the morning and I figured if I was quiet I would not disturb anyone in the house so I quietly snapped away.

I did not see the man sanding the other side of the fence and had no idea how long he'd been watching me, but when I stood up to move the camera he said "Good Morning". Luckily I did not react the way I normally react when someone scares the crap out of me. I returned his quizzical greeting "Good Morning" I replied and explained what I was doing and asked if it was OK.
He breathed a sigh of relief and said it was fine, while slowly putting down the spade in his right hand. He explained that his wife had said, "there's a man outside" I think he's stealing the flowers by the front gate!" in a horrified manner.
He immediately jumped out of bed and came outside to investigate all gee'd up by his wife, though he had no real clue what he was going to do with the spade or why he was going outside in the first place in his pajamas.
We had a chuckle about the situation and I laughed inwardly about what his wife said, he left to carry on waking up with his first morning cup of tea.

Flashback to 1979, my sister was at home and suddenly blurted out with "there's a man outside!" she'd repeat this a few times but sometimes add "der der" at the end, my mother freaked out and looked outside but could not see anything in our enclosed garden. She spent time grilling my sister, who was this man?, where did you see him?, which direction did he go in? All the while my sister is looking at my mother quizzically,"er. what??" she asked.
"You keep saying "there's a man outside" my mum said, "ohhhhh", "it's from a song playing on the radio" my sister replied, Gary Nubald or something, he sing's it in his song, "There's a man outside, der der."

The title of this picture is from a Gary Numan song, the story behind it is when it was first released my sister heard it on the radio for the first time and the only bit she sang was from the part of the lyrics:-

"Are 'Friends' Electric?"

"It's cold outside
And the paint's peeling off of my walls
There's a man outside
In a long coat, grey hat, smoking a cigarette"

I hope you like it.

Heavily cropped from a mahoosive 8 shots panoramic of the entire fence. A bit of extra contrast and sharpness, curves and sharpness added in Phocus, then a signature shoved on it in Photoshop.

© Copyright – – All rights reserved.
Costly Affair by redtreeme
Costly Affair

Where: A Mystery Field near me
What: Tree’s, wheat field & Self Portrait
When: 30th, June 2016
With What: Canon M2, Canon FD 28mm TS Lens, f16, .3 sec, On Tripod
How: 5 shots stitched together from Lightroom.

Odd title eh?

I’ll explain.

I popped to my new mystery spot with the dog in the back of the car, my Medium Format Camera and my Canon M2 with the Vintage Canon tilt shift. There was nothing extraordinary in this (as I tend to do this most mornings) and we set off with our respective tasks in hand, me to hopefully get a better picture than the day before when I tried and failed to get a sharp shot with my Hasselblad, the dog to have fun and games chasing everything he could.

Within seconds of the dog entering the field with his usual ultra high speed he started sneezing, he seemed to have caught the pollen or dust or something as he could not seem to stop. We carried on with the half mile walk all the while the dog kept sneezing. He, looking at me as if to say, ’its not my fault!". Baring in mind this was the same field I heard shots and had a minor disaster in a week or so back so I was very conscious to keep it quiet, I gave the dog a “quit it” stare.

I got set up and did a few 8 second timed runs into position with the Hasselblad and then set up the Canon for back up shots. The dog by now sneezing even more than before, with all his noise I got very nervous and hurriedly took this shot and packed up my kit, which was spread about the floor next to the dog. It was at this point I noticed there was blood coming out of his nose, Holy Crap, WTF!!?

I managed to get myself and the dog back to the car mostly because every time he sneezed he took a header into the Wheat stems as the sneezing was uncontrollable by now. Blood up and down his legs from him rubbing his face with his paws.

Straight to the vets we went. They gave us two options, anti histamines or leave him with them so they could sedate him and see what the problem was. 
Leaving him there when he really hates the vets was heartbreaking, especially the look I got while he coward under the nearest chair sneezing his nose off.

We got a call about 4 hours later and they said they had extracted a wheat seed from deep inside his nose, he was fine but a bit groggy.

We went to pick him up and he was the most subdued I’d ever seen him as he very dopily drifted over with the vet and looked at us and gave a slight wag of his tail then fell to the floor in exhaustion.
I felt exhausted from the worry and waiting but probably mostly from the£134.57p vet bill for the work they did to Fletcher.
I had to lift him into the car and then out again when we got home, he took himself straight off to his bed and fell fitfully asleep for the rest of the day part snoring part barking in his sleep, I can imagine what he was barking at, Vets!

This must be the most expensive picture I have taken to date.

I hope you like it.

© Copyright – All rights reserved.

Summer Snow by redtreeme
Summer Snow

Where: Aspley Wood, Woburn
When: 7.00am, 21-6-2016
With What: Canon M2, Canon 35mm TS, f2.8, f11, 4 secs

4 stitched photos in Lightroom CS6 from Phocus.

Bit of an odd one this, I was walking in Aspley Woods in Woburn with the dog, large format camera and Canon M2 as back up. Now what struck me with this scene and why I decided to take a picture of it was that it was all very green.
The tree’s were a green hue and the moss on the tree’s were also quite green too, the dark path was a warm brown.

Obviously I have converted this to B&W within Lightroom as I was just playing with it and was immediately struck on how much it turned into a winter scene with one click. I will post the film shot and colour version later which also stands in their own right and certainly reflected what I saw.

But for now I decided to post this version first as I’m quite struck with the B&W especially as I have visions of this scene with a character in a white suit skipping along the path with a butterfly net in hand, possibly with my daughter too (wearing the same outfit), if I can get her to come with me when I walk the dog early in the morning. We’ll see if that idea ever pans out, maybe I’ll have to bribe her with some Lego.

I hope you like it.

Copyright – redtree – All rights Reserved


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